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Search engine optimization involves enriching your website with unique content, smart keywords, and rich media so that it features at the top of Google search results.

Use of targeted long tail keywords is highly recommended, but keyword stuffing and over-optimization are penalized by Google. Keywords when used in titles and subtitles grant the boost your search engine ranking. Considering the exploding use of smart phones and tablet PCs, smaller yet powerful keywords should be used.

Organic links are favoured while unnatural links bring down the rankings. Special attention should be paid to anchor text, which should fit within the frame of the content and not look something that is purposely inserted for promotional purposes. Do not use hidden links or text in order to fool Google. Those will be caught, and you’ll be penalized for resorting to any sort of black hat SEO practices.

Longer, unique, and error-free content is preferred over repetitive, short, and flawed content, and the former is ranked higher in Google search engine results.

Guest blogging is a good way to boost your website’s rankings. You should post content on your blog regularly in order to capture sustained traffic and boost its ranking. However, spamming the post with too many links is detrimental to your ranking.

Smart use of keywords will certainly boost your traffic, but to convert leads into sales, you need to attract quality traffic. Quality traffic can be achieved by unique and really useful content. Having your content shared on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and YouTube boosts your ranking.

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