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With more and more people preferring a mobile browser rather than web browser for visiting a website, developing small, tiny, or minuscule scale web pages has become a challenge for web designers.

A responsive website is one which adjusts itself to be viewed comfortably on screens of various sizes such as a huge desktop monitor, a tablet PC, or a tiny mobile browser. For a responsive design to be successful, the design must also be usable at all screen resolutions and sizes.

In a responsive web design, the layout of the design adapts according to the user’s computer screen resolution. The scaled images change fluidly and look the clear and sharp in every context. A responsive website provides a pleasant and intuitive user experience, caters to a much wider audience, and increases user satisfaction of small-screen devices. Websites employing a responsive design offer a faster, easier, and superior viewing experience than using a desktop version oversized design in a mobile browser. And you don’t need to develop a separate web design for a mobile browser.

The most modern use of a responsive design is developing a website that dynamically changes its layout and content to adjust according to different browser and device viewports.

Responsive website designs have increased the rate of mobile conversions manifold as users now find it easier to use the websites than ever before. Responsive designs have thus increased the practical value of websites.

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