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Email marketing is a direct form of promotional communication sent to customers through email. Email marketing can be done using advertisements, newsletters, or product-specific success stories. The content should not be too long. Customers prefer to read short, crisp, casual, and informative messages rather than long, unending paragraphs. Instead of sending mass mailers, each message should be customised starting with ‘Dear XYZ’

The email can be targeted to current customers to further the business or to a new set of people to convert them into customers. When used smartly, targeted email marketing can lead to an improved leads to sales conversion ratio, increase revenue and customer loyalty, promotes brand awareness, and strengthens relationships.

It’s a simple, quick, and affordable form of internet marketing, and is important for building and sustaining long-term relationships with customers. You can easily customize your emails to suit the needs of your target segment. Email marketing gives a personalized touch to B2C communication as opposed to ads or social media marketing.

The success of email marketing is measurable through metrics such as bounce rate, delivery rate, and unsubscribe rate. So, it becomes easy to improve the content or graphics used in email marketing if they don’t serve the purpose. You should not miss out email marketing while devising an internet marketing plan of your online business, as it will fetch you success much faster than other forms of Internet marketing.

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